A simple solution to create a beautiful room filled with light

A lean-to conservatory is a simple, fuss-free building that runs along the back of your property. With a minimalist style and clean lines, it's a simple way to link your interior space to your garden and maximise the space you have available. It's also one of the cheapest types of conservatories available on the market. Despite this, a lean-to conservatory from Eurocell offers outstanding performance, giving you a space you can enjoy for years to come, whatever the weather.

Lean-to conservatory benefits:

Ideal for limited space
The pitch of the roof can be easily adapted to fit your property.

Affordable choice
With one wall already built, they are quicker and cheaper to build.

Space and light
Simple design to maximise the amount of floor space and light.

Options to help you make your conservatory feel like home

We understand that it’s important to create a conservatory that enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your property. For that reason we offer lots of ways you can personalise your lean-to and make your conservatory really feel like home. We have a number of frame style and colours to chose from, contemporary or traditional. Plus there are a few additional finishing touches you can add to make it special, from decorative crestings for your roof to integrated speakers for the interior.

All Eurocell UPVC Lean-to Conservatories offer:

• Optional designs - Can be finished with gable ends or be hipped back diagonally from corners.
• Less sealant - Design-engineered conservatory with life-long, watertight performance
• Excellent thermal efficiency - Our insulated roofing system ensures maximum heat retention and light diffusion.
• Reliable assured service - We have the largest network of accredited local partners in the UK and Ireland.

Co-ordinate your colours

A selection of colour options for your conservatory is available to complement your home. Choose White for a contemporary finish, or Cream, Rosewood, and Golden Oak finishes for a traditional appearance. You can also choose to have a wood grained exterior with a clean White interior for the best of both worlds.
Lean-to conservatories available in:
White White
Cream Cream
Rosewood Rosewood
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Grey Grey
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Black Black

Want a beautiful new living space? Lean on us.

Whether big or small, a lean-to conservatory offers is a versatile space you can enjoy all year round. To get an idea of some of the options available to you we have put together a short demo video. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for your project, give us a call 0300 333 6525.

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