Create the perfect finishing touch for your roof edges

Over time the edges of your roof can start to look old and weather-beaten. As roofs get older, they become prone to gaps. This can cause real problems, making your home vulnerable to the weather and nuisances such as nesting birds or insect infestations. Our UPVC roof finishing, or ‘dry verge’, is a simple way to neaten up those edges and block any unsightly gaps. Made from high performance UPVC, they clip easily to your roof to protect your home and provide an attractive finishing touch.

Understand roofline

Roofline explained

What's the difference between a fascia board and a soffit board?

Get to know your fascia boards from your soffit boards, your bargeboard from your box end and understand when and why your house needs an upgrade.

Understanding roofline

Neat, tidy and easy to install

Our UPVC roof finishing is really quick and easy to install thanks to its innovative clip and lock system. It also means it can be put up in any weather, which reduces the chance of any delays to your roof being completed. As with all our roofing accessory products, we have a number of ways you can design a unique look for your home. You can choose from five different colour options to coordinate your UPVC roof tile edging with your fascias and roof tiles.

Roof Finishing benefits at a glance:

  • Gap free - ?Neaten up edges and block any gaps in your roof
  • Mortar free - Can be fitted easily without the need for mortar
  • Clip together - Our clip system is engineered to prevent wind uplift

Mortar-free protection.

This clip-together system provides a secure fitting that avoids the problem of wind uplift. Our UPVC dry verge is compatible with most concrete or clay interlocking tiles and comes in five colours to complement your home:
Dry Verge is available in:
White White
Terracotta Terracotta
Brown Brown
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Black Black
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