Internal cladding is designed to keep a beautiful finish in all conditions

Our internal wall cladding is a fantastically easy product to install and maintain. Slotting together perfectly it provides a waterproof and seamless barrier in wet situations like bathrooms or kitchens. It is attractive, contemporary and hardwearing, the perfect replacement for old or damages tiles.

Why choose Eurocell Internal Cladding?

Our interior cladding system is the new choice when you are decorating troublesome areas. It is easy to install, even in tight corders or around edges. But style or finish is never compromised because it is available in 11 beautiful finishes with the choice of gold or silver inlays to complete the job perfectly.

Plus, Eurocell contemporary sheet tiles get the job done much quicker than conventional tiling and are more hygienic long-term - as there's no grout to trap dirt and bacteria.

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