Lead Free Flashing Alternative

2 November 2007

Eurocell Building Plastics is providing its customers with an environmentally friendly solution to the rising cost of lead by launching Ubiflex from Ubbink (UK) Ltd, a waterproof flashing material that can be used in all applications where lead is traditionally installed.

Eurocell Building Plastics, explains: “The price of lead has increased dramatically in the last few months and looks set to continue rising. Stocking Ubiflex in all our EBP depots means that we now offer installers and roofing contractors a competitively priced alternative to lead that also offers significant handling and installation benefits.”

Rising commodity costs are resulting in an increase in theft of lead from buildings which means that Ubiflex offers a real solution to customers who have experienced this problem. The fact that Ubiflex has no re-sale value as scrap means that this issue is eliminated.

Ubiflex is also an environmentally friendly product in addition to being fully recyclable which means no hazardous substances are released either while it is being processed or throughout its entire period of use. The material has a neutral effect on groundwater, does not cause unsightly staining, is easy to dispose of or recycle, is UV-resistant and has a service life in excess of that of the roof.

Ubiflex is extremely malleable and can be worked in both directions in addition to being self sealing if it is ever punctured. Ubiflex, which is available in black and grey, weighs only about one-tenth of an equivalent lead flashing and can therefore be processed in greater lengths of up to 12 m. This allows Ubiflex to be installed up to 50% quicker than lead. It is also temperature resistant within a range of -30°C to 90°C so is easily able to tackle the worst or best of the British weather!

Ubiflex is suitable for most applications where lead would traditionally be used including stepped, abutment, chimney and saddle flashings. It can also be used for valleys, gutters, rooflights, dormers and solar panels.

The material is easily cut with a sharp knife and can be fixed with stainless steel nails if required. EBP depots will also be stocking Ubiflex-PB tape for creating watertight joints. Alternatively, Ubiflex can be crimp-jointed just like lead.
“When selecting products to stock in depots we try and choose those that fill a major gap in the market. Ubiflex is one of these products and is already being welcomed by many of our customers who are struggling to keep up with the rising price of lead. Our depots are fast becoming a ‘one-stop-shop’ with everything that installers and contractors need. By offering locally available, competitively-priced market leading products we are able to provide an invaluable service to our customers!”

Ubiflex is available in widths between 150mm to 500mm and in 12m lengths. In addition, there is a 1000mm width available in 6m lengths.

Eurocell Building Plastics, one of the country’s leading suppliers of roofline, window trims, conservatory roofs, doors and accessories, will be stocking Ubiflex across its 76 depots nationwide.

Ubiflex, along with all other EBP products, can be ordered on line with free delivery on orders of £25 or above (excluding vat). For on-line ordering simply visit www.rooflineonline.co.uk

For more information fill in our quick contact form or contact Eurocell on 0300 333 6525.

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