Slim lines mean wider appeal

With Modus, you can offer customers three modern styles of French door with some of the slimmest sight lines available. Though when it's in situ the door doesn't stand out, the energy figures certainly do; leading thermal performance is built-in, with U-values as low as 0.7 achievable to help keep warmth in wonderfully – all with a 12-year guarantee that's an industry first. To finish things off nicely, the system is also designed to be easier and faster to fabricate than other leading systems on the market.

Modus French door accreditations

Benefits of Modus French doors:

Extra peace of mind
Includes an industry-leading 12-year profiles guarantee to give your customers extra reassurance.

Quick and easy
Modus is designed to help you fabricate and install fast.

Beautifully sustainable
50% post-consumer material is used in the core of the profile, for sustainability that doesn't compromise finish quality or colour fastness.

Eight products, one system
Fully integrated UPVC window and door system that can produce eight different product types from a single system.

Innovative energy efficiency for French doors.

Thanks to a £3million investment in research and development, Modus French doors deliver industry-leading energy efficiency. With a triple-seal option providing superb thermal performance and air tightness, U-values as low as 0.7 can be achieved - exceeding Passivhaus standards.

Beautiful cost savings for you, too

The innovative design of Modus means lower glass specifications can be used to reduce reducing glazing costs, and 90% of Modus windows need no reinforcings, saving fabrication and labour time. Plus, multiple systems are no longer required to offer an equivalent range of products so the levels of stock you need to hold are reduced, too.

More colours. More choices

Tastes evolve, which is why we’ve extended the Modus standard colour range to meet the changing needs of discerning customers. By standard, we mean in stock, ready to go. A further range of 30+ other colour options is available for delivery in just three weeks (in addition to the Architectural Range).
Modus Franch doors available in:
Black Ash Black Ash
Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Moondust Grey Moondust Grey
Rosewood Rosewood
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Eurocell cream Eurocell cream
White White
Quartz Platinum Quartz Platinum
Asphalt Asphalt
Sapphire Silver Sapphire Silver
Anteak Anteak
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