The long-lasting, low maintenance decking option

Has wood had its day as the decking material of choice for discerning homeowners? It seems the answer could be yes with the advent of a new kid on the block - composite decking. This strong, durable alternative offers all the aesthetic benefits of timber with none of the many disadvantages in terms of maintenance and longevity – not forgetting providing a safer, less slippery surface that everyone will appreciate, come rain or shine.


Composite Decking benefits

Looks like wood, performs like composite
Splinter free & slip resistant
Easy to install
Low maintenance

Looks like wood, performs like composite

Composite decking is made from a mix of recycled wood and high density polyethylene (HDPE). This latest addition to the Eurocell range features great looks with its deep grains and multi-chromatic colours. But unlike timber, it won't rot, swell, splinter or split and is tough enough to resist the knocks and bumps of the busiest patio areas. You can be sure it will stay looking great - season after season, year after year.

Say goodbye to staining and fading. The latest surface technology provides solid surface durability, giving this decking the strength and durability to shrug off the weather and prevent staining and fading caused by sunlight and rain.

Splinter free, slip resistant

High-traction deep grain means improved slip resistance – essential on outdoor flooring that can easily pool water, gather mould and algae and turn a patio into an instant hazard in the wrong conditions. The profile has been specially designed to minimise surface contact with water and humidity and reduce the chance of accidents. Plus, because there is no wood grain, there's no danger of splinters either.

Easy to install

Simply install on normal pressure treated joists/sleepers as with traditional wooden decking – you can use the same tools, too.

Simple to maintain

No more messy wood treatment or annual jet washing and scrubbing to keep your patio looking great and remove surface build up. Composite decking just requires occasional cleaning with soap and water to stay looking good.

25-year warranty

We guarantee that for at least 25 years – and probably a lot longer – Eurocell composite decking won’t split, splinter, peel, rot, or suffer structural damage from fungal decay. What’s more, we also promise it won’t stain or fade. Now isn’t that a solid foundation on which to build your beautiful new outdoor living area?

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