The innovative sustainable system for low-carbon projects – BigBlok

With larger cavities being specified across new-build properties in order to meet stringent thermal efficiency regulations, BigBlok is meeting the demand for a simple slot-together system that quickly and cost-effectively closes off window and door openings of any size in any type of wall. Making it an essential component for low U-value construction that enables you to achieve higher ratings in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

BigBlok benefits at a glance:

Seals and secures
Creates rigid bricklaying template and seals walls with cavities up to 300mm – helping you meet stringent thermal efficiency regulations.

Serious about sustainability
Manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled UPVC – delivering a sustainable solution.

Thermal efficiency
Closes opening with continuous CFC/HCFC-free insulation – reducing U-values to prevent thermal bridging.

Saves time and money
Quick and easy to fabricate and fit, with straight cuts and slot-together fitting

Integrated design
Compatible with UPVC, timber, steel and composite doors and windows

Hard wearing
Tough and robust to withstand demanding site conditions

Choice of fittings
Extensive range of fitting options to suit every building project

Available in a range of cavity sizes to suit latest building regulations:

• 125mm
• 140mm
• 150mm
• 170mm
• 200mm
• 250mm
• 300mm

For more information about the Cavalok range of UPVC products and support services for specifiers and architects, please call 1890 989 071.

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