Pressure resistant like concrete, superior heat insulation and astonishing low weight.

CompacFoam is the new solution that combines highest degree of compressive strength with superior heat insulation and low material weight.Due to its high rigidity (2 % strain at characteristic load/ service load) and excellent long-term stability, CompacFoam is the perfect solution for insulation and lightweight applications.

CompacFoam Benefits:

No need for long window straps
Excellent screw reten-tion for direct window fixing capabilities.

New super insulating structural foam
Technology enables load-ing of heavy A rated windows directly over cavity.

Built with you in mind
Developed for “Fabrication First" design principles.

Reinforced with steel
For inner and outer leaf support.

Ready to work
Forms a template to facilitate square and accurate opening for brick laying.

Idea sizes
For Passive House Design and CSH requirements for wider. Sized cavities up to 300mm.

Reduce air leakage
With the option of a four sided closer at the head.

Lightweight material for construction and insulation

Compacfoam is a modern construction and insulation material made from mono-material EPS, which combines stability and good heat insulation with very low dead weight. It is a flexible, applicable construction element and at the same time can be used as a high-quality insulation material. This combination makes it particularly economical.

With its features, Compacfoam introduces new possible solutions for modern construction. An additional advantage: With this high-tech product, customary wooden screws can be firmly screwed without the need for pre-drilling. This creates freedom in its application.

Compacfoam is available in five different density classes. In order to determine the corresponding class, please use the following table or contact us.

Cavalok Compacfoam benefits:

Dimentionally stable
Best heat insulation
Unlimited long-term stability
Resistant to frost
Processable with saw
Vapour permeable

Extremely durable

For more information about the Cavalok range of UPVC products and support services for specifiers and architects, please call 1890 989 071.

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