Designed for today’s discerning customer - Modus composite doors

Stunning aesthetics and exceptional technical performance from the first fully integrated UPVC system in the UK. With an integrated outer frame, transom and mullion - all compatible with 57mm or 70mm panels for improved thermal performance over existing 44mm doorsets - the Modus composite door has been created with the design-conscious customer in mind to deliver a product that's smarter, sleeker and kinder to the environment.

Modus composite door benefits:

Cost savings
Low glass specifications reduce glazing costs and 90% of Modus doors require no reinforcings.

Leading sustainability
Modus features 50% post-consumer recycled UPVC as standard. For specifiers who demanding the highest possible recycled material content, Modus is also available in a 100% post-consumer recycled UPVC version.

Exceptional performance
Cutting-edge technology produces outstanding thermal, air tightness and noise reduction performance.

Three sash styles
Standard, slim, rebate and fully flush and all with slimmer sight lines

Low carbon footprint
Achieve U-values as low as 1.1 for double-glazed products and 0.7 for argon-filled triple glazed unit products (exceeding Passivhaus standards).

Maximum energy rating
Double Glazed: A+, +16 1.2U – triple Glazed: A+, +31 0.7U

First across the board

• First fully integrated UPVC system in the UK • First 75mm DMET window system in the UK • First DMET UPVC reversible system in the UK • First DMET bead in the UK • First leading system to offer a 12-year guarantee in the UK • Up to 27% saving on glazing costs • Up to 8% saving on labour costs • Up to 42% reduction on stockholding
Modus composite doors available in:
Black Ash Black Ash
Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Moondust Grey Moondust Grey
Anteak Anteak
Rosewood Rosewood
Cream White Cream White
White Ash White Ash
White White

Latest Modus composite case studies

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Modus Makeover
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Case Study Information
Modus hops to it

For more information about our range of UPVC products and support services for specifiers and architects, please call 1890 989 071.

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